Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Team 12301

I've been working in this little Blockbuster store for more than two years and I've met really nice people and I've learned many things from them. Many coworkers have gone and come but this few are the ones that remain. In gratitude to the friends I've made I did a drawing of all of us, our little team at 12301.
P.S.: Please click on the image for a bigger view.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Doodles from a Dream"

Okay, so this one isn't any big deal, it is actually just a doodle based on a dream that I had. In the dream I was stuck in a house with no doors, just a window that led to the roof, and the only way to get down was to jump on the lake. I was hesitant at first to jump down the roof to the lake, but when I saw the shadow of a fish about 20 to 30ft long, I freaked out! Being there no other way for me to get down, I decided to take a dive as soon as the fish seemed to put some distance between me and it. Then I swam to the shore like hell.
I was very close when then I felt something swim around me, I look to my side and see this huge fish looking at me with a face that seemed almost human. The fish gave me a sad look and I heard a whisper that said, "don't kick so hard...". Just then I feel a shove and I make it to the shore faster. I then stood on the shore and looked behind to watch the fish swim away while I try to make sense of what just happened. Then I start walking up the hill and as I move up, it comes to my attention the act that half of the house was covered in snow, where the rest, where the lake is,is having a perfectly normal day in Fall.
And then I woke up. Well either way, it's just a silly dream but somehow it stroke me as enigmatic and today I decided to scribble it down as I remembered. It's funny the none sense that the mind plays while we are sleeping.

Ps: click on the drawing to see a full view of it, cause it got cut in half when posted.